Policies and Paperwork

For Self-Directed Employees

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Information

EVV Webinar Training Schedule
Registration is required. The training is the same, so they only have to register for one. Even if you meet an exemption requirement, a Legal Guardian must still attend one of the trainings.

EVV Training Webinar
The PowerPoint reviewed during trainings.

EVV Phone Instructions
This is the EVV phone call process instructions. If the self-directed employee chooses this clock-in/out method, they must contact customer service at awccustomerservice@nj.easterseals.com or 800.471.3086 to get their assignment ID number.

Hhaex Process Guide Mobile App: Caregiver
This is the EVV mobile app process instructions. If the self-directed employee chooses this clock-in/out method they must register within the app and provide their mobile app code back to awccustomerservice@nj.easterseals.com or 800.471.3086

Being Hired

SDE Welcome Letter
An introduction to the new systems and steps required as an SDE
Agency With Choice (AwC) 321 Forms – PowerPoint
This is a PowerPoint explanation of the new systems and new processes.
AwC SDE Drug and Background Check Instructions
An explanation of the next steps and requirements regarding drug and background checks once the onboarding documents are completed.
AwC Forms Information
An explanation of each of the forms and their purpose that you will be asked to complete in the 321 forms system.
321 forms AwC SDE FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions for the new 321 system and process.

Required Trainings

Training Welcome Letter
This is an explanation to the families about the difference in the training requirements between the “old model FIS” and the new Agency with Choice model.
CPR/First Aid Training Schedule
A list of free classes staff can sign up for to take CPR/First Aid hosted by Fiscal Management Services. This class is for staff who have never taken the class before or if their certificate is expired. It is only available at our main headquarters during the time and dates listed. If the Managing Employer would like you to take classes elsewhere, it is at their own expense.
CPR/First Aid COVID-19 Notice
This letter is to inform families of the CPR/FA measures we are taking due to COVID-19 and the new process.
Required Training Flat Rate
This is the chart staff will get paid for doing the required trainings, it is a flat training rate and will only be compensated as listed for trainings that were required to be taken at the time of their transition to Agency with Choice. Self-directed employees will not be compensated for trainings that were previously taken.
Child Abuse Registration Information (CARI)
This child abuse registry check that must be completed for each staff as a part of the background check.
Training Requirements
This chart outlines the due dates for required trainings under the Agency with Choice program. For self-directed employee transferring from “old model FIS” the training timeframe starts on the start date of the new fee for service DDD (Division of Developmental Disabilities) (Division of Developmental Disabilities) approved plan.
Onsite Orientation
This form is completed for Agency with Choice new hires when they are orientated with the consumer. For self- directed employees who are transferring from “old model FIS” they are required to complete this as a part of the required training confirmation for the Agency with Choice fee for service model. Please see the required training chart.”
How to Access the College of Direct Support
Instruction on how to log into College of Direct Supports.

Timesheet Process Forms

Welcome Packet
provides an overview and an explanation on how to complete and submit new timesheets and “case notes.”
2022 AwC Holiday Schedule
The 2020 holiday schedule outlines the holidays applicable to time and a half pay if worked or day off.
2022 Payroll Schedule
Outlines the pay and submission dates for the new timesheet process.
Authorized Units Acknowledgement Form
A form staff and the managing employer must sign agreeing to not go over the authorized units in the plan.
New Timesheet Sample
Sample of the new timesheet.
Timesheet Video Recording
Video reviewing the changes and how to complete and submit the new timesheets. Also gives a description about Medicaid billing requirements under Fee-For-Service.
Timesheet Policies and Procedures

A list of policies and procedures regarding the new timesheet and “case note” process under AwC.

Full SDE Guidebook
A breakdown of the position, our organization, and expectations for SDEs.