Frequently Asked Questions

Self-Directed Employee

I am currently working for the consumer transitioning into Fee-For-Service from RLC/ISP and will stay with Financial Management Services, do I need to complete another application packet?

No. However, there are new requirements or training that will need to be completed. Information will be sent to your Managing Employer to review with you. If you have additional questions, please contact our customer service representatives.

What are the requirements if I transfer over?

  • enrollment documents
  • finger printing and back ground check
  • CARI check
  • Drug test
  • EVV documents – if EVV is required
  • bank information
  • Self- identification information; can include but not all encompassing licens, photo ID, passport

How many hours can I work in a week?

Once hired, you will be informed by your Managing Employer of the number of hours you are authorized to work. Your timesheet will also display the number of authorized weekly hours as well.

  * Never 16 hours in a 24- hour period

What happens if I work more than the authorized hours?

Your managing employer will need to work with the Support Coordinator to ensure that the budget can cover the extra hours of overtime.

In some cases, if the budget cannot accomodate the overworked hours, the SDE will not be able to be paid.

Timesheets must be submitted to the managing emploer. Alsp signed off by employee and managing employer.

Do I get Paid Time Off (PTO)? What can I use it for?

All SDEs are entitled to PTO. Calculations are based on the years you have worked under Fiscal Management Services and the number of hours you work. You can use PTO for any reason, like illness, a child’s illness, a doctor’s appointment, etc. Please discuss the process of requesting PTO with your Managing Employer. Don’t forget, they need time to make alternate arrangements if you aren’t working.

How does PTO work?

PTO is accrued based on hours worked and the amount of time you have been at the company. For more information please reach out to our

How do I request it?

PTO can be requested using your Beyond Pay log in and should first be discussed with your Managing Employer.

How do I receive payment for services and support rendered?

AwC issues a 2-page fillable PDF timesheet that is submitted on a weekly basis with payments issued bi-weekly. The Managing Employer can submit the timesheet via fax or email PDF attachment.

Where can I retrieve my paystubs and W2 form?

Upon hire you will be registered to our payroll system called Beyond Pay. This online portal lets you view your payment history and W2.

Can I take a picture of my timesheet and send it to Fiscal Management Services for processing?

Your Managing Employer is responsible for submitting timesheets and timesheet notes to Fiscal Management Services for processing. Pictures are NOT an acceptable method of transmission

How many hours does an SDE have to work to get benefits?

Any SDE hired to work 30 hours a week or more, will be offered medical, dental and vision benefits.

Can the SDE be reimbursed for activities done with the consumer (museum, bowling, aquariums)?

Yes, the Managing Employer can work with the Support Coordinator to add funds to the budget for activities. The SDE would be reimbursed after the service is provided for tickets purchased.

Does AwC provide travel and expense reimbursement to the Self-Directed Employee?

No, but an SDE can receive a different reasonable and customary rate to provide transportation to the consumer as an SDE service.