Policies and Paperwork

For Support Coordinators

Welcome Letter for Support Coordinators
What to expect from this service and our process for hiring/training/service delivery.
2020 AwC Holiday Schedule
The 2020 holiday schedule outlines the holidays applicable to time and a half pay if worked or day off.
2020 Payroll Schedule
Outlines the pay and submission dates for the new timesheet process.
Authorized Units Acknowledgement Form
A form staff and the managing employer must sign agreeing to not go over the authorized units in the plan.
New Timesheet Sample
Sample of the new timesheet.
Timesheet Video Recording
Video reviewing the changes and how to complete and submit the new timesheets. Also gives a description about Medicaid billing requirements under Fee-For-Service.
Timesheet Policies and Procedures
A list of policies and procedures regarding the new timesheet and “case note” process under AwC.
Action Guide for Timesheets
How-to written guide on filling out PACE timesheets and “case notes.” Also includes helpful “do’s and don’ts.”