An Update From the NJ Division of Development Disabilities (DDD) Regarding Working Hours

For Self-Directed or Agency Employee

Any family member that is hired as a self-directed employee (SDE) or an agency direct support professional (DSP) for their loved one is required to adhere to the same rules and policies required of any SDE or agency DSP, including the following:

  • Services must fit within the individual’s overall budget for the plan year.
  • Services must relate to an identified need
  • The SDE/DSP must maintain service documentation
  • A single SDE/DSP cannot provide more than 16 hours per day of services (two 8-hour shifts)
  • Sleeping is not a reimbursable service. To deliver and claim for in-home overnight services, the need for awake overnight services must be identified in the Individualized Service Plan (ISP)
  • Unless a 2:1 support need is identified in the ISP, services from two or more SDEs/DSPs cannot be delivered or claimed for during the same hours (cannot overlap)
  • An SDE/DSP cannot deliver or claim for services during the same hours in which a Medicaid-funded personal care assistant from an agency or through the Personal Preference Program (PPP) is providing services.
  • An SDE/DSP cannot deliver or claim services during the same hours the SDE/DSP is working for and being paid by another employer (including working remotely).